Headhunting is a specialised yet highly effective means of recruiting senior management and senior executives who may be hard to reach by conventional recruitment methods. It relies on expertise, speed, industry knowledge, discretion and careful planning.

We have an ambitious growth plan and for that to come to fruition we need the best talent in each sector, so we have devised the most competitive package in the industry. You will never feel underpaid and overworked again. Join an organisation that will truly appreciate your talent and reward you for it as well. Join HR Linked Ltd.


Every single appointment requires an intense planning process, as having full specification of the role is essential. We involve as many of our in-house experts as needed to make sure that your plan is sound and successful.

Data Analysis

Our experience tells us that, even though on paper some candidates may seem like the perfect match, in reality, they are not fit for the job. Therefore, our team’s scrutinising of data, vetting and screening gives us in-depth knowledge of the candidates, which in turn results in a successful match.


We will ensure that the aspirations of the candidates are in line with your appointment and that the characteristics and preferences of the candidate will fit your company culture and aspirations.

Boutique and Unique 

Size isn’t everything; we’ve combined big brand luxuries with the flexibility and specialism of our boutique branches. Each office is bursting with expert recruitment consultants, local knowledge, and industry insight. As well as keeping our fingers in the marketplace, it makes a lively and stimulating place to work. There’s a dynamic atmosphere and everyone supports one another. At HRLinked Ltd, we work as a team.

Always Learning

We are flexible enough to take on new ideas as we are not into old habits. We will make any changes necessary to keep our team upbeat and to keep our eye on our collective goal of success. We have the ethos that we are always learning, so if you want to work in a competitive, fast pace and lucrative environment then contact us now.

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