HRL Care

Providers of Supported Living Accommodation for Care Leavers:

HRL Care

Supported living is an alternative to residential care and gives you the opportunity to receive care and support in your own home or adapted accommodation. You can choose the level of care and amount of support you need.

Independent living – Your choice may be to live on your own. We can offer support where you already live and can also help you find a flat/apartment or house.

Shared living – We can help connect you to other people who might want to share their home. You will have your own space but benefit from sharing the communal spaces and sharing household bills.

Apartment living – You may be looking for the best of both worlds. Your own modern apartment with some shared communal space so you can choose when and if you want to socialise. We have worked with our housing partners to develop this popular type of accommodation.

Stepping stone accommodation – Providing stability whilst you are between long-term support solutions. This type of support will help you plan for your future in a structured way. We will support you with the skills you may need to help you live more independently and, when you are ready, support you to move on.

We provide 24 hour care to care leavers through self-development and tailored support, we help adults between 16 to 18 to manage their mental health, improve their self-confidence and emotional well-being.

All care and support is tailored to each person’s individual needs, through a structured care and support plan which uses the Mental Health Recovery Star model.

Our Support can include:

HRL Care

– Managing personal care and medication

– Managing nutrition and hydration needs

– Maintaining appropriate behaviour and good communication

– Building positive relationships

– Developing hobbies and interests

– Managing finances, including budgeting and benefits

– Daily living skills, including cooking, cleaning and shopping

– Building confidence, resilience and self-esteem

– Socialising and community involvement

– Accessing education, training and employment

We also offer move-on services to support residents as they progress their ability to maintain their own independent accommodation, as well as provide floating support services where people are supported within their community.